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The impact of BT’s Digital Voice transition on ISPs and how Euroroute’s solutions ease the transition

The world of communications is undergoing a monumental shift, and it’s taking place right on our doorstep, in the UK. The upcoming Great Britain Switch Off planned for 2025, orchestrated by BT, is set to revolutionise the communications landscape. It’s a move away from the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to an all-digital, Internet-based voice communication system, known as Digital Voice.


Digital Voice

This transition has significant implications for all UK-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs), necessitating them to rethink their service offerings, infrastructure, and customer support. As a senior decision-maker or purchasing manager, the crucial question is – how can your ISP navigate this digital shift smoothly and effectively?

At Euroroute we offer a comprehensive end-to-end fulfilment solution that can make the transition to Digital Voice seamless and hassle-free. Equipped with a suite of Digital Voice ready products from AVM FRITZ!Box, Euroroute presents a complete package to help ISPs address the changeover, minimising the impact on both their operations and their customers.

Understanding the change

The Great Britain Switch Off is a move towards a completely digital communications infrastructure. Traditional analogue voice calls will no longer be supported; instead, all voice communications will be carried over a digital connection. This transition has several advantages, including improved voice quality, a range of new features, and the potential for more affordable services. However, it requires ISPs to ensure that their systems and services are compatible with this new Digital Voice setup.

The Impact on ISPs

ISPs face several challenges as a result of the transition. Existing customer equipment may not be compatible with Digital Voice, requiring a substantial effort to upgrade or replace hardware. Customer service teams need to be trained to provide support for the new system, and ISPs need to plan a strategy for managing the transition with minimal disruption to their customers.

Euroroute’s Solution

Euroroute provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Our end-to-end fulfilment service manages the entire process of transitioning to Digital Voice, from planning to implementation, freeing up ISPs to focus on their core business. This solution includes hardware replacement or upgrades, customer service training, and strategic planning to ensure a smooth transition.

The Euroroute solution also includes a range of Digital Voice ready products from AVM FRITZ!Box. These devices are designed to be fully compatible with the new Digital Voice system, ensuring that ISPs can provide our customers with reliable, high-quality voice communications when the switchover happens.

AVM FRITZ!Box’s range includes routers with built-in Digital Voice compatibility, simplifying setup for customers and reducing the need for additional hardware. These devices offer excellent voice quality and a range of features, ensuring that customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of digital voice communication with minimal disruption.

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The Great Britain Switch Off represents a significant change in the UK’s communications landscape, and ISPs need to be prepared. With Euroroute’s end-to-end fulfilment solution and Digital Voice ready products from AVM FRITZ!Box, ISPs can confidently navigate this transition. Not only does this protect their business operations, but it also ensures that their customers can continue to enjoy high-quality, reliable voice communications in the new digital era.

The future of voice communications is digital, and with Euroroute and AVM FRITZ!Box, your ISP can be ready to embrace it. 

The Great Britain Switch Off represents a significant change in the UK’s communications, and ISPs need to be prepared

With Euroroute’s end to end fulfilment solution and Digital Voice ready products from AVM FRITZ!Box, ISPs can confidently navigate this transition.