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FRITZ!Box 4060 – A New Era of Multi-Gigabit speeds and Wi-Fi 6 Integration

In the world of Internet connectivity, ensuring superior performance for end users is a continual pursuit. Euroroute, as a premier provider of no-touch CPE deployment for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), understands the essence of this mission. We pride ourselves in streamlining the user experience; from the moment a device is pre-configured at our facility, until it lands at a customer’s doorstep, ready for immediate use. 

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World-Class CPE

Our trusted partnership with AVM FRITZ!Box enables us to deliver a world-class range of CPE devices. Couple this with our collaboration with AVSystem for leading cloud ACS solutions, and you have a comprehensive service package that places both ISPs and end users on the cutting edge of technology. Beyond the hardware and software, the Euroroute Network Solutions advantage extends to our expertise in Order Fulfilment and Logistics.

The FRITZ!Box 4060 Difference

The FRITZ!Box 4060 is a fast tri-band wireless router with Wi-Fi 6 that ensures top speeds in your Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the wide range of connection options, the FRITZ!Box 4060 can be used flexibly for cable, DSL or fibre optic internet. And with integrated NAS functionality, the FRITZ!Box 4060 becomes your home network multimedia hub. A fully-fledged telephone system with a DECT base station, an integrated firewall and Smart Home control complete the range of features.

Wi-Fi Performance

The FRITZ!Box 4060 boasts cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 (WLAN AX) capabilities, delivering excellent speeds of up to 2,400 MBit/s on the 5 GHz bands and an impressive 1,200 MBit/s on the 2.4 GHz band. Leveraging 4×4 multi-user MIMO technology, it ensures optimal data throughput and an unparalleled wireless experience. This means devices in the household can enjoy faster downloads, smoother streaming, and overall more reliable connectivity. This integration of Wi-Fi 6 ensures that multiple devices can function simultaneously without a hitch.

Connectivity and Ports

A robust set of 3 x gigabit LAN , 1 x 2.5 gigabit WAN, and 1 x USB 3.0 ensures that users have all the necessary ports for their devices. Whether it’s connecting a gaming console, setting up a home server, or simply charging a device, the 4060 is equipped to handle it all.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi Coverage

Speed is undoubtedly a determining factor for many when choosing an ISP. However, comprehensive home Wi-Fi coverage is fast becoming of equal importance to end-users. ‘Dead zones’ in homes have become a significant concern, where the modern household doesn’t just want speed but full coverage. More and more users want to stream, game, and browse without interruption, regardless of where they are in their home. Euroroute’s partnership with AVM FRITZ!Box, and the 4060, guarantees this comprehensive coverage, making ‘dead zones’ a thing of the past.

Elevating ISP Reputation:

The success of an ISP isn’t just about delivering fast internet. It’s about understanding customer needs, responding to their feedback, and foreseeing market trends. With Euroroute’s order fulfilment and logistics expertise, coupled with our partnership with leaders like AVM FRITZ!Box and AVSystem, ISPs can assure their customers of a premium service. Given that Wi-Fi has become as essential to households as water or electricity, ensuring consistent coverage and speed is fundamental in making strategic partnerships and decisions.

Euroroute Recommendation

The FRITZ!Box 4060 is not just a device; it’s a statement of what the future holds for broadband speeds and wi-fi coverage. At Euroroute, our goal is clear – to ensure that ISPs in the UK can deliver this future to their customers today. Partner with us, and together, let’s reshape the landscape of internet connectivity.

Meet the FRITZ!Box 4060, a tri-band router with Wi-Fi 6, providing lightning-fast internet speeds and complete home Wi-Fi coverage.

Partnering with AVM FRITZ!Box and AVSystem, Euroroute delivers top-tier CPE solutions for ISPs. With advanced Wi-Fi 6 and robust connectivity, the 4060 ensures a seamless online experience for ISPs and users, eliminating “dead zones” and elevating ISP reputation.