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5 ways FRITZ!Box can improve WiFi for online gamers

In the past decade, online gaming has become a favourite pastime for many individuals and seen exponential growth via the internet and social media. Whether it’s playing with friends or challenging strangers, gaming is an activity that requires fast and reliable internet connections. A poor WiFi network can ruin your gaming experience of your end user and lead to poor customer satisfaction.

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Euroroute and AVM FRITZ! Box

Euroroute Network solutions is the authorised UK distributor for the AVM Fritz range premium home networking devices and in this blog we will look at five ways to optimise a home WiFi network for a great gaming experience.

1. Upgrade the router

The first step towards optimising a home WiFi network is to ensure you can offer your users a router that can handle the demands of online gaming. An outdated router can lead to lag, slow speeds, and frequent disconnections. The AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 AX router includes impressive features such as a high-speed processor, gigabit Ethernet ports, and support for the latest WiFi 6 standard. This provides faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and improved network efficiency. These features enable the router to handle multiple devices and provide low-latency connections, making it an ideal choice for online gamers who demand a reliable and fast internet connection.

2. Choose the right location for the router

The location of the router can have a significant impact on your customers WiFi network performance. It’s recommended to place the router in a central location within the home. This allows for equal coverage throughout the home and reduces the chances of dead spots or weak signals. Avoid placing routers near metal objects, electronic devices, or walls, as they can interfere with the signal’s strength. Also, consider elevating the router to increase its coverage range.

3. Optimise WiFi settings

Optimising the WiFi settings can significantly improve a network’s performance. First, ensure that your customer’s router firmware is up-to-date using Euroroute’s cloud ACS system. Manufacturers release firmware updates that address bugs, improve performance, and add features, and with our ACS system, ISPs can remotely manage device firmware updates with ease. Also, enable Quality of Service (QoS) settings, which prioritise network traffic based on the device’s needs. QoS settings ensure that bandwidth is allocated to the gaming device, reducing the chances of lag. Additionally, ensure that the router’s WiFi channels are set to automatic. This allows the router to choose the least congested channel, reducing interference from other devices.

4. Reduce network congestion

Network congestion occurs when multiple devices are connected to the same network, leading to slower speeds and increased lag. To reduce network congestion, limit the number of devices connected to the WiFi network. Disconnect devices that are not in use or limit their access to the network. Also, consider using wired connections for devices that require a stable connection, such as gaming consoles or desktop computers. Wired connections provide more stable and faster speeds than wireless connections.

5. Use WiFi extenders or mesh networks

Finally, if your customer’s home has dead spots or weak signals, consider offering them WiFi extenders or mesh networks. AVM FRITZ!Box routers, such as the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX, support Mesh WiFi technology, which means you can add additional Mesh-compatible routers or access points to extend your network’s range and improve signal strength. This allows your customers to create a seamless and reliable network, ideal for online gamers who need a stable and fast connection throughout their home. The Mesh WiFi technology used by FRITZ! routers also supports automatic channel switching to reduce interference from other devices and ensure optimal network performance.

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In conclusion, offering your customers the tools to optimise their home WiFi network for gaming requires a combination of upgrading the router, optimising the WiFi settings, reducing network congestion, and improving the network’s coverage. With these tips, customers can significantly improve their home gaming experience by reducing lag, improving connection stability and providing faster speeds.

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Euroroute’s range of FRITZ! premium home networking devices offer a range of benefits that can significantly upgrade the home networking experience. With their advanced features and cutting-edge technology, AVM Fritz range devices provide a robust and reliable home network that is ideal for online gamers who demand a fast and stable internet connection.

With Euroroute and AVM FRITZ!Box offer your customers the tools to optimise their home WiFi network for gaming.

Euroroute Network Solutions ISPs customers can significantly improve their end users home gaming experience by reducing lag, improving connection stability and providing faster speeds. Contact us today to learn about our enterprise solutions.