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How will the One Touch Switch programme shape competition in the UK ISP market?

The industry-created One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo) which is leading the implementation process for Ofcom’s significantly delayed One Touch Switch (OTS) migration system recently announced a revised go-live date of 12th September 2024. Against the backdrop of technical complexities, coordination challenges, and unforeseen obstacles that have contributed to the programme’s delay, how will it impact operations of medium and small ISPs and how can we prepare for the eventual launch?

One Touch Switch

What is the One Touch Switch programme?

The overarching goal of the One Touch Switch programme is to simplify and expedite the process for consumers when switching Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK. It aims to remove barriers and inefficiencies that currently exist in the switching process, making it easier for consumers to find better deals and access improved services. The key objective is to enable consumers to switch providers seamlessly with just one touch, without the need for unnecessary and often cumbersome interactions with their current provider.

How will it impact the Consumer?

Consumers currently face various challenges when switching ISPs in the UK, including navigating complex contract terms, dealing with cancellation fees, experiencing service disruptions during the transition period, and encountering difficulties in comparing different service offerings. The One Touch Switch programme aims to address these challenges by introducing standardised processes and technologies that simplify and automate many aspects of the switching process. By providing a single point of contact for consumers and coordinating communications between old and new ISPs, the programme aims to reduce the time and hassle associated with switching.

How will it impact ISPs?

The One Touch Switch programme aligns with broader efforts by Ofcom to promote competition and consumer choice in the UK ISP market. By facilitating easier switching between providers, the programme encourages market competition and incentivises ISPs to offer better services and pricing to attract and retain customers. For ISPs, the programme may lead to increased competition, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced churn rates.

1. Increased Competition:

With the streamlined switching process facilitated by the One Touch Switch programme, consumers are empowered to explore alternative ISPs more easily. This increased mobility among consumers can lead to heightened competition within the market. Medium and small ISPs that invest in enhancing their service offerings, improving network infrastructure, and differentiating their brands stand to gain a competitive edge. By offering innovative solutions, personalised customer experiences, and competitive pricing, these ISPs can attract new customers and retain existing ones amidst heightened competition. Euroroute Network Solutions partners with leading technology providers like AVM FRITZ!Box to bring you state-of-the-art Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) that stands at the forefront of innovation and reliability. With Wi-Fi 6 technology at their core, these devices ensure your network will deliver faster speeds, increased efficiency, and comprehensive coverage that eliminates dead zones, thereby enhancing the end-user experience.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction:

The simplified switching process provided by the One Touch Switch programme can potentially contribute to improved customer satisfaction. Customers no longer have to navigate complex administrative procedures or endure lengthy downtime during the transition between providers. ISPs that invest in optimising the customer experience, from initial onboarding to ongoing support, are likely to see higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Euroroute works with our ISP partners to deliver pre-configured devices directly to end-users, eliminating the complexities traditionally associated with new installations. This means quicker setup times, reduced operational costs, and a significantly improved customer experience. As your ISP gains new subscribers, they can enjoy a truly plug-and-play experience, minimising the need for support calls and ensuring they stay satisfied and connected with minimal disruption.

3. Reduced Churn Rates:

By making it easier for customers to switch between providers, the programme encourages ISPs to prioritise customer satisfaction and retention efforts. Medium and small ISPs that invest in proactive customer retention strategies, such as personalised communication, loyalty programs, and value-added services, are well-positioned to minimise churn rates. By building strong relationships with customers and addressing their needs effectively, your ISPs brand can foster long-term loyalty and reduce the risk of customer churn. In partnership with AVSystem, Euroroute offers advanced cloud-based Auto Configuration Server (ACS) solutions, giving you unprecedented control over your network infrastructure. This remote management capability allows for efficient mass management of CPE devices, ensuring seamless service delivery, firmware updates, and troubleshooting without the need for on-site visits. Our Cloud ACS services not only enhance operational efficiency but also enable ISPs to offer personalised services and support, adapting in real-time to the needs of your customers.

Challenges to Implementation

As the revised September 14th deadline approaches over the coming months, it’s crucial for medium and small ISPs to thoroughly understand and prepare for the One Touch Switch process. Businesses that best understand and prepare for the impact on customer segments, suppliers, data, technology, processes, reporting, training, budgets and resources have the best chance of successfully gaining capacity. Euroroute Network Solutions are committed to innovation and providing our partners with the tools for the effective management of risk to your network.

Promoting Innovation and Competition

Ultimately, the “One Touch Switch” programme has the potential to promote innovation and competition within the UK ISP market, benefiting medium and small ISPs along with consumers. By removing barriers to switching and fostering a more dynamic marketplace, the programme encourages ISPs of all sizes to innovate and differentiate themselves through service offerings, pricing models, and customer experiences. Medium and small ISPs, in particular, can leverage their agility and responsiveness to meet the evolving needs of consumers and carve out a niche in the competitive landscape. Euroroute’s no-touch deployment and cloud ACS services are designed to scale with your business, allowing for cost-effective management of your network infrastructure and customer base, regardless of size.

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The One Touch Switch programme aligns with broader efforts by Ofcom to promote competition and consumer choice in the UK ISP market.

The “One Touch Switch” programme has the potential to promote innovation and competition within the UK ISP market, benefiting medium and small ISPs along with consumers.